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Why Organic?

While most people think “natural” and “organic” are synonymous, there are notable differences between natural and organic products. The purity of certified organic ingredients makes a tremendous difference in their efficacy and the benefits they provide to our skin.

When packaging is labeled “Natural” or “All Natural,” it is assumed that those products contain ingredients sourced directly from nature rather than in a lab. Natural products containing botanicals such as aloe, green tea, calendula, and rosehip have been used in hair and skin care since self-beautification was even a thing. But, this doesn’t mean that the ingredients haven’t been altered in some way. Whether treated with pesticides during farming or chemically modified during the manufacturing process, alterations of these kinds often dilute the potency and the benefits of the ingredients.

It is also possible for beauty companies to create inexpensive synthetic versions of natural ingredients and still label them as natural. Since there are little to no advertising regulations in the United States regarding the use of the term “natural”, companies do not need to disclose the actual origins of their ingredients. This also means that a product with a low percentage of natural ingredients can be marketed as “natural” without you, the consumer, being any wiser.

“Organic” isn’t just the beauty industry’s latest marketing phraseology. The term is strictly regulated by the FDA and not limited solely to the farming of plants, seeds and herbs. Organic ingredients must meet specific growing and manufacturing standards and pass rigorous standards of purity.

vbeauté PURE was born from this commitment to excellent quality and is dedicated to creating the purest products to nourish and rejuvenate skin. We use hand harvested, organic botanicals, grown in nutrient dense, fertile soil, yielding premium quality ingredients that provide more bioavailable benefits to our skin than those grown using more commercial methods.

Think about it, we choose foods that nourish and replenish our bodies with organic ingredients free from chemicals and processing – why would we feed our skin anything less pure?